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23.7.2014 ·

Name T.B.A.

I enjoyed the first instalment of this series more than this latest offering. The special effects in both were remarkable but the storyline this time around just wasn't as interesting or well-written. Still, I look forward to the next one. Wouldn't it be nice though if these special effects block buster films had a script to match?

8/10johntarleton1@ - 25 reviews
19.7.2014 - age: 50+

22.7.2014 ·

Andrea Feder

Mais qu'est ce qu'ont tous les critiques dans les journaux avec les comparaisons entre Volcano et Amour? Je viens de voir Volcano, qui est sur la reconquête d'un amour perdu, et la redécouverte de la vie par quelqu'un qui n'en attendait plus rien. Il n'a rien de la froideur clinique du film de Haneke. On est plus proche de Bergman ici, et il faut vraiment ne pas aller chercher bien loin ou bien être aveugle aux subtilités pour s'arrêter à la comparaison entre les deux films. Oui, les deux films parlent de personnes du troisième âge, et de la maladie de l'un d'entre eux. C'est tout, fini la comparaison. Le film de Haneke est très bien, mais Volcano dégage une douceur et une tendresse que j'ai rarement vues au cinéma, et certainement pas chez Haneke. La salle était en pleurs quand le film s'est terminé, je pense que c'est une des plus belles histoires d'amour que j'ai vus au cinéma. Il y avait peu de gens dans la salle quand j'y suis allé, j'espère qu'au moins les commentaires positifs vont encourager d'autres à venir découvrir ce film. Ce serait dommage de passer à côté.

10/10anthonybello@ - 30 reviews
2.10.2013 - age: 26-35

19.7.2014 ·

Julie Fujiko

There aren't a lot of movies that I would rate highly (mostly due to major 'suspension of disbelief' or absence of decent story-line or an overabundance of CGI) but I really enjoyed this film. This version of Sleeping Beauty is sweet and amusing (except for the 3 babysitting-fairies that I found too childish/annoying) And I love the music (although I thought it was Angelina who was singing the theme song!)

9/10jfk@ - 7 reviews
16.7.2014 - age: 36-49

18.7.2014 ·

Sharon Irvine

Dinesh D'Souza's writing does point out the good in America, but he fails to provide real balance in his point of view, particularly when it comes to slavery.

5/10sisharonsi@ - 3 reviews
17.7.2014 - age: 50+

12.7.2014 ·

Julien Heine

A light hearted comedy that was interesting but had a little to much Jon and not enough Oliver in it. Acting was good but was anyone else wondering how he got his hot wife in the first place!?!

7/10michjulien@ - 168 reviews
12.7.2014 - age: 36-49

11.7.2014 ·

Jamie Trunick

Fun movie! Everyone in it was great and I loved the Great Dane! A light hearted comedy that leaves a smile on your face!

9/10jtrunick@ - 2 reviews
27.4.2014 - age: 50+

9.7.2014 ·

Faiza Siddiqi

Ritesh Deshmukh did an amazing job. He should get an award for his role. Such a different role from his other movies. The story is really good I love it. Do it watch on the screen and yeah the songs are amazing too.

9/10faiza_bluesky@ - 23 reviews
3.7.2014 - age: 26-35

4.7.2014 ·

Cher Thoming

Being longtime fans of Hunter S. Thompson, and hungry for any new material about him and his 'sidekick' Ralph Steadman, my husband and I went to see this documentary about the man behind the crazy art that accompanied Hunter's writings. It was exciting and enlightening to see the genius of Steadman at work, step by step creating his style of art that has come to be a well-known expression of their disdain for the social and political ills of society when combined with Hunter's writings. We never understood, before this, the influence Steadman must have had on Hunter, and visa-versa. We thought Hunter was the crazy genius, but this documentary shows how they were both really meant to be together in this world. We both thought Johnny Depp's involvement was important as a friend who loved Hunter and who asked the few needed questions that revealed to us how important a person Steadman was to Hunter, and what an amazing artist and person Steadman is in his own right. His arrival in America and his first impressions of NYC were haunting and revealing of the kind of human being he is. We both recommend this documentary to anyone who loved Hunter Thompson. It really tells us an amazing and integral part of his story.

9/10cherthmngcher@ - first review
25.5.2014 - age: 50+

1.7.2014 ·


Light hilarious story well acted, I liked not only John Favireau's acting as the chef but also the son Emjay Anthony. Good change.

7/10thakurj@ - 179 reviews
21.6.2014 - age: 50+

27.6.2014 ·

Amos Shawn Burgess

Yes I saw the movie! I had no idea such a thing was permitted to happen during those times regardless of your family name and social standing. The outcome somewhat surprised me. I was looking for something bad to happen. EVERYONE!!! GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!

10/10aeseb1914@ - first review
23.6.2014 - age: 36-49

25.6.2014 ·

Patricia Macdonald

Terrible film. Tasteless. Not funny. Crude. Irritating beyond belief. Left as soon as I sensed my husband was feeling the same way. Avoid. SilverCity staff are always accommodating, and offered us passes because we did not have a good experience.

1/10strelitzia1@ - 26 reviews
15.6.2014 - age: 50+

24.6.2014 ·

Jeremy Fichaud

22 Jump Street is a movie that seems to take pride in the fact that it shoudn't even exist. Rarely has a sequel, particularly a comedic one, been so in love with the notion of trashing itself. From wink at the camera dialogue like "this case is EXACTLY like the last one" to a closing credit sequence showing audiences what 40 Jump Street would look like, this movie seems to get the absurdity of sequels in a way that very few films ever have. Hill and Tatum are yet again the big reason why it works as well as it does, although Ice Cube lends a big comedic hand this time. It meanders a little more than it should and the laughs aren't as plentiful nor as creative as 21. However, there are several side splitting moments and enough smug self awareness to make this a sequel that deserves a chance, even if its own writers clearly don't think so.

7/10jfichaud@ - 162 reviews
18.6.2014 - age: 26-35

21.6.2014 ·

Carolann Brewer

This may be appealing to some who are non critical and will watch anything religious. I would not sit through this movie if it was free. I would not watch it on a bus, a train or a plane... but I paid to see it, and I sat there for the entire movie, thinking something redeeming might happen. I mean, I like Greg Kinnear, and Kelly Reilly has potential, but there was NOTHING redeeming about this ridiculous and frankly pointless waste of time. It might be a good way to entertain the kids at Sunday school or on a rainy day at a religious summer camp, but for me there are way better ways to waste time and money!

1/10cm_brewer@ - 27 reviews
11.5.2014 - age: 50+

20.6.2014 ·

Maria Hijos

Not a fan of Angelina Jolie but no one can do that role but her. I loved it.

10/10chachihijos@ - first review
13.6.2014 - age: 50+

17.6.2014 ·

David Schatzky

Unfocussed, scattered, but visually sometimes interesting despite the lack of context. As a documentary it needs a point of view, and one is left with the impression that a Burtynsky photograph is much more powerful and informative on its own than is a film inspired by his work. The bits and pieces showing Burtynsky at work seemed irrelevant and pointless.

4/10davidschatzky@ - 27 reviews
13.6.2014 - age: 50+

14.6.2014 ·

Robert Kralj

Not really a big Jolie fan […] However, my Mrs. was going with a friend and so my 5 year old and I stayed to watch... thankfully through the whole movie, I might add. Well acted, only as much dialogue as the intelligent needed. Thinking of one review that seemed to want pointless nattering. Beautifully shot and a movie where 3D did make it a bit better yet. Best of all, a truly great version on an old tale that had been told the old way enough times already. Whether I liked her or not (Jolie), Maleficent couldn't have been played better. Best movie I recall all year and I almost didn't go! Thanks real people who put their reviews up here as well. 'Professional' critics have become virtually useless. Can't imagine what they didn't like here but clearly they are more about politics than real movie reviews. Power to the Cinemaclock reviewers... the real opinions that count.

10/10robert-kralj@ - 187 reviews
11.6.2014 - age: 36-49

13.6.2014 ·

Bonnie J Howe

We really liked this movie. The scenes of India were beautiful and educational. A very heartwarming story and the movie was produced with a wonderful portrayal of human thoughts, actions, and reactions. Go see it, you won't be sorry. It would have been nice for the ending excerpts to include the real players and where they were now.

8/10thisishowe@ - 3 reviews
2.6.2014 - age: 50+

11.6.2014 ·


While our story advances slowly, this film is a visual feast, especially on an IMAX 3-D screen! The visuals are taken off of the printed pages and presented superbly. An escape not to be missed.

7/10alp.altuntur@ - 3 reviews
4.2.2014 - age: 50+

7.6.2014 ·

Olivia Chow

I recently re-watched this movie after forgetting whether I liked it or not, and discovered once more why I completely forgot about this movie. The movie and characters are beyond cheesy, and there's just to twist to the plot. Dantes spends 1h20 min in a jail cell, 20 min as Count and maybe 15 min to fully accomplish his revenge. Really? So much for a climax (although to be fair, Dantes and the old mentor were very well played). If you're really looking for a movie based on vengeance but with a solid plot line, watch "The Mask of Zorro" with Antonio Banderas instead.

6/10ochow@ - 30 reviews
3.6.2014 - age: 26-35

6.6.2014 ·

Joe Antaya

Charming is exactly the right word to describe this movie. There isn't a cliché not used but it was so well done that I just didn't care. Jon Favreau managed to pull off a very rare feat; he directed a really good movie which he wrote... and to top it off, starred in as well. All the characters were well acted and directed and it's worth the price of admission to see Sofia Vergara in action... she can't help but steal every scene she's in. It's a silly, feel good movie... but there's nothing wrong with that if it's done well... and this one is.

8/10joekanuck@ - 102 reviews
5.6.2014 - age: 50+

4.6.2014 ·

Dan Thornton

[ATTENTION: This review reveals content of the movie.]
“Wow” what a waste of film, filmed to dark, endless no story - story line, killed off main actor first 15 min., then your stuck with junk film, until the last 15 min. When you get Godzilla action, and even that is flashed back and forth with more junk story line, If you need a reason to stop going to movies this is it! I wouldn’t even buy the DVD for 2.99$ Ok there was one good part (I got free popcorn).

3/10thornton3@ - 29 reviews
28.5.2014 - age: 50+

31.5.2014 ·

Darrell Simpson

Meeh... maybe just me, but these CGI show pieces are wearing thin. When will actors be simply made animated characters and not even have to act (but only supply voice)? Like Avatar, the hype preceded the delivery by a long shot. This one was ok, and I was so tempted to give it a 7. But... looking back, it's pretty much the same old. Give a guy with animation skills a couple of months and he can create a movie without having to build any props at all.

6/10darrells@ - 264 reviews
21.5.2014 - age: 50+

30.5.2014 ·

Bobbi Drew - Frances Borntreger

Loved the dramatization and realities of life. God is NOT Dead! We need Him in our lives to lead, guide and direct us thru this life.

9/10b1freesinger@ - first review
29.5.2014 - age: 50+

27.5.2014 ·

Jyoti Patel

I enjoyed this movie very much! It was funny and the acting was quite good. Loved the scenes of India, as well.

8/10movielover@ - 6 reviews
25.5.2014 - age: 26-35

23.5.2014 ·

Cecilia Burt

The movie was great I saw it twice would recommend it to everyone, it's nothing but the truth, my God's not dead, He is surely alive, for people that like the movie, it's because it speaks a message that everyone needs to hear, one day we will all stand before Him either as Lord or judge.

8/10cecyb1028@ - first review
23.5.2014 - age: 50+

20.5.2014 ·

Pierre Lemay

Very good movie, story, acting and effects. Successfull in creating a mood from the very beginning. The only negative: Saw it in unfortunately in Imax 3D, so I suggest that you do not waste the extra cash. The extra would be better spent on a better audio rather than unneeded supposedly enhanced viewing.

9/10lsplemay@ - 11 reviews
17.5.2014 - age: 50+

17.5.2014 ·

Craig Alford

Another 'amazing' disappointment, I thought they might do better with this one than the 1st reboot movie. At this rate we are going to need another reboot!!! Yes, the visuals were good, but they had poor development and casting of Harry Osborn. All the villains seem to decide to make spider man their #1 enemy for no apparent reason (like the 1st reboot movie)! Very poor choice for an ending to the movie. Can't they just stick to a good comic storyline... there are so many... weird.

4/10craigalf@ - 27 reviews
12.5.2014 - age: 50+

16.5.2014 ·

LuAnn Schleicher

This movie will put your faith on the fast track. There are very few movies I try to see more than once but this movie I will definitely see again. Thank you.

9/10brandywein@ - first review
7.5.2014 - age: 50+

14.5.2014 ·

Alfred Young Man

Should have been titled Noah and the Transformers. Well, given Cecile B. DeMille's early entry of the Ten Commandments into this genre of bad movies in fantasyland and literally 100's of silly tv and Hollywood movies made since then about the Bible, I suppose it was only a matter of time before we woke up to the fact that Hollywood is exposing the Bible for what it is to them, just one big morality play to exploit for cold hard cash. Did you get that Sarah Palin, these movies are fantasies, they are not to be taken as the literal truth? Of course, the Bible-thumping Christians sitting behind me didn't seem to know the difference either since they insisted on giving a running commentary on everything that was wrong with the story and laughed or snickered throughout, all of which made it rather difficult for me to enjoy how ridiculous the movie really was. Since the movie ad listed Noah as an adventure drama I didn't know it was in fact supposed to be an epic comedy. This is one for the books.

4/10youngman@ - 30 reviews
4.5.2014 - age: 50+

10.5.2014 ·

Andrew Gilbert

Given some of the negativity expressed, I thought it might be dire. Had a moment or two, solid acting, interesting visuals. Really, a pretty decent yarn, and relatively good way to escape for a couple of hours. That's the job statement, in my view. Costner was credible, Amber Heard a bit mis-cast, if lovely, but didn't let her role down. I do think Connie Nielsen, and especially Hailee Steinfeld pretty much flew the movie. In other years, perhaps a lower rating, but it's slim sledding out there. Not a classic, nor a film school topic piece, but that's OK!

7/10asgilbert@ - 25 reviews
9.5.2014 - age: 50+

9.5.2014 ·

Betty Murner

I loved this movie. It played along well with the book. I loved the actors, it was great am so glad I went to see it.

9/10abm66@ - first review
4.5.2014 - age: 50+

2.5.2014 ·

Jackson Ford

I thought it was very neat and creative how they did all the work to make this movie.

9/10jackson.ford0909@ - first review
16.4.2014 - age: 1-12

29.4.2014 ·

Raymond Deneault

I saw Captain America this afternoon and was very impressed by it. It is one of the best super hero movies I have seen in a long time. There is a lot of action in this movie which makes it go by quickly, despite its length. I loved the story, characters, actors... everything. Captain America was not on top of my list of super heroes but this movie moved him up there. Also, I saw the movie in 3D and Dbox seats and I felt right in the middle of the action, that was great!

9/10raymond.erp@ - 38 reviews
20.4.2014 - age: 50+

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