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    Cold Around the Heart

    Poster of the movie Cold Around the Heart

    Cold Around the Heart

    1h 36min
    1997     Dramatic thriller     USA

    Career criminal Ned (David Caruso) is sensitive, dangerous and knows too much about having nothing to lose. His partner Jude (Kelly Lynch) is sexy, ruthless, good in bed and great with a gun. But when a small-town jewel heist takes a murderous turn, Jude kicks Ned from their speeding getaway car to take the fall. Now Ned has escaped custody, picked up a teen runaway (Stacey Dash) and hits the highway to hunt down and kill Jude, who's being protected by her dim-witted new lover (Chris Noth). Even if Ned and Jude can catch up with their lust and loot, is the most surprising double-cross of all yet to come? John Spencer and Pruitt Taylor Vince co-star in this tough, twisty thriller written and directed by John Ridley.

    Directed byJohn Ridley
    Written byJohn Ridley
    Company20th Century Studios20th Century Studios20th Century Studios


    David Caruso
    Kelly Lynch
    Stacey Dash
    Chris Noth
    John Spencer
    Pruitt Taylor Vince
    Richard Kind
    Mark Boone Junior
    Richmond Arquette
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